Airbrush makeup


  is new method of applying make-up. This technique is well know in big town, as Hollywood, London and Paris. It is used mostly in television (HD), theatre, fashion and in the recent years there has also been a sharp increase as bride make-up.This is because it is a versatile tool that allows you to create a make-up flawless and water resistant without using sponges and brushes, but using a compressor motor connected to a gun creates a uniform air flow and controlled. Traditional powders and foundations can settle in the pores and be even more visible on films HD. While the make-up sprinkled with gun settles over the skin like millions of droplets and so it seems natural, not heavy, no transfer and more hygienic. It is available to make-up the entire face: foundation, eye shadow, lips, hightlighted and countoured.


- WATER BASE: a mix of water, polymers and pigments that when the polymer dries it leaves a coating on the skin. 

 - SILICONE BASE: more hydrating and then makes the skin supple and glowing. It is used in warm weather because fully water resistant and therefore has a longer life and does not fade.After a long and careful choice we made a wide selection of brands, those that we offer a wide range of nuances and allow us to create natural shades, bright lines and touches of infusions of Pearl. Sporting a instant matte or a shadow highlight for a dynamic look or a layer of color to look dramatic or a splash of shimmer for immediate gloss or matte for whoever chooses a versatile look and sueded perfect for any occasion. Infinite variety of combinations: Glamour, Opalescent Shimmer and Matte. These we found in lines: Dinair, Temptu and Kryolan.