From the first meeting with our bride, we suggest you take care of your skin in the months preceding the wedding, so that you can get to the bright shining and shining altar. The New trends of makeup are directed on a coloured, but always delicate and appropriate side of the occasion, so as to coordinate with the style of the dress and the location of the choice. Coral nuances, Brown, Pink, Gold and Bronze are predominantly alternative in the shadows, alternating colors mat at shine colors, especially in the interior of the eyelid to create a luminous effect. Contouring is no longer heavy and intense, but it has become a game of painless colors between clear/dark ones to highlight their own features without altering them. The fake eyelashes will always be a mood not to forget, especially by exploiting the final part of the eye for an effect of charm and intriguing.

Now the bride is taking a return to classical look, but at the same time glamour and refined. 

Red lipstick is another element that will never fade with the bride …... and if not used for the ceremony, there is who changes it for dinner and the dance.