The smokey eyes seems to never go out of style. It is considered a high- impact make-up and seduction with soft lines and countless shades. But a little of time now it is abandoning the classic to give rise to a new trend: the smokey eyes nude. The colors are more natural, such as pink, ivory, grey, light brown, butter, gold and apricot. All this to give the eyes charm and mystery.

 However the glamour touch remains the eye-liner and the false eyelashes in the finale of the eye.

 For those with brown eyes any color is perfect for highlighting them, while we must always remember, for those who have light eyes should be used complementary colors that create

an effect of contrast and emphasize and brightness. In the modernization of the make-up is released contouring that it comes to

lighten or darken some parts of the face to give it depth. Otherwise in photographs the face would look flat and round. The points on which work are: the center of the forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones. To create a balanced make-up you must choose what you prefer to highlight. If we want to highlight the eyes we will choose for the lips of neutral tones or even colored as long as it is not too strong. While we have a pretty month natural and it is very defined and we want to highlight it with bright colors we seek for the eyes of opting for a natural make-up with

the use of nude or golden colors or just with a fine line of eyeliner or just mascara.