For the new season, bridal suits will be: Large and standard princesses, or classical princesses, with smooth but refined tissues and skirts with different layers of tissue, with a siren cut or boho chic, embroidered or impregnated by precious and crystal stones. Wide clatters, transparencies and even colors, all this to give light and movement to the suit.

So, since bride's clothes are very appalling and prinfish, the beauty trend bride will take direction towards simple, natural solutions. Harvests or seed - harvests will be soft and spectatinated, whereas for the people who have opted for waves with waves or brakes, they should be as treated as possible to give lucentity, Splendour, depth and definition. Even the various kinds of chignon lose their pact and will no longer be very much thrown, thanks to some of the cioches that we will leave spectators around the face.The bride is also facing another choice: accessories. Flowers, beatings of beads or 1950s to rewind the whole thing and give a fair touch of elegance and romance. This look has a name: messy style.